Crypto Investing: These 5 Resources Are Critical

Posted On December 19, 2017 12:04 pm

No one really knows what form or applications blockchain technology will take, or who the ultimate winners will be. What we do know is that it will transform currencies and businesses, and offer both trading and investing opportunities for years to come. For crypto investing and other trading, an understanding of the market is critical.

And there is no time like the present to start on that learning curve.

Below are links to resources for articles, education, information and access to the brave new world of blockchain technology and trading the associated crypto investing.

1. Articles

These are a few of articles I found most helpful in taking the 10,000 foot view what exactly is blockchain technology/bitcoin and the potential future of crypto investing.

Letter to Jamie Dimon: This article takes the form of a letter in response to the JP Morgan CEO calling Bitcoin a fraud.  I found it the most helpful in framing the current arguments surrounding both the technology and investment environment.

What BitCoin Will Like in 20 Years:  The intro is bit long as it gets into the nature of predictions but the meat offers some good chewing especially with regards to how governments might ultimately address/adopt crypto currencies.

BitCoin Guide: An Intro to Crypto Currency: This is from yours truly.  If you don’t get already the  Option Sensei newsletter, make sure to sign up. It’s free.


The two best sites devoted to digital assets are Coindeskwhich also has a very nice educational section. CoinTelgraph has a bit of fanboy feel, but provides a lot of industry news and education.


HashPower: Three short episodes providing solid background.

How Bitcoin Works: is a great 25 minute video introducing the concepts of third party ledger and networks.

Decrypting Crypto:  A 20 minute drill down by Alex Rampell, a partner at VC firm Andreesen-Horowitz, which has been one of the earliest and most aggressive actors in crypto investing.

Goldman Sachs has been the highest profile of the big banks willing to embrace blockchain. Here is a graphic introductory presentation, and a more in-depth research report from 2015.

100 Coins in Four Words: A great quick guide to some of the most popular coins/tokens and what their supposed purpose.

The Herd is Coming: Hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz tells CNBC he smells the mania, sees the bubble and thinks want to take the opportunity to get in front of the herd.

4. Exchanges

Coinbase is the most popular in the U.S. and easiest to use.  But also the most limited in terms of trading capabilities.  But it’s a great place to start and if you use this referral link, you get $10 of Bitcoin for on your first $100 deposit.  Now only $999,990 to go before you, too, are a “Bitcoin Millionare”

HitBTC: More listings and a more robust trading platform.

KrakenMore advanced, as it allows margin and even ability to sell short.

BitfinexThe most active and liquid exchange.  It is Hong Kong-based and is not ‘technically’ accepting accounts from U.S. residents.

Gemini: It’s probably gathering many institutional accounts, as it’s one of the main exchanges on which the CBOE and CME futures contracts will be priced.

5. Wallets

These are not totally necessary, but recommended for added security if you wish to hold larger amount coins away from exchanges.

MyEtherwalletLet’s you store almost any coin/token built on the Ethereum platform.

Parity: Also stores Ethereum-based coins.

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