10 Years after Lehman Brothers collapsed

10 Years after Lehman Brothers collapsed

Posted On September 10, 2018 3:35 pm

Even though market didn’t bottom out until March of 2009 the effective anniversary of the financial crisis is September 2008, or 10 years ago when Lehman Brothers went bust.

This is when it became clear that there was a systemic crisis, rather than just a bear market, that was brewing.   

Barron’s dedicated a good chunk of this weekend’s edition to what transpired during those days.  The article I found most interesting, and probably the most useful for applying future investment or trading decisions, is called How the Financial Crisis Still Affects Investors.  

As it points out, for those whose new investors whose first brush with investing came during the financial crisis, sometimes referred to as the Great Recession, still have the scars and have been scared from participating in the stock market.

You can read this article here: BARRONS.com


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