3 Recession-Ready Stocks to Buy Right Now

3 Recession-Ready Stocks to Buy Right Now

Posted On February 21, 2020 2:08 pm

While the S&P 500 continues to rip higher, savvy investors know that the market’s upward trajectory can’t proceed indefinitely. Compound this with the fear related to the coronavirus and the fact that many experts believe we’re overdue for a recession, and it seems that investors would be well-served to consider espousing a circumspect approach and to look for companies that can withstand significant market volatility.

Although the prospect of a bear market may contribute to some restless nights, stocks like Newmont Goldcorp (NYSE:NEM)Neogen (NASDAQ:NEOG), and Idacorp (NYSE:IDA) may be the types of portfolio additions to help concerned investors to catch up on their z’s.

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Recognized by many as a “safe haven investment,” gold is a frequent consideration for investors seeking to protect their portfolios from the effects of a recession. While purchasing gold bullion is one option for investors interested in the yellow stuff, gold coins and bars fail to offer investors the luxury of a dividend — unlike Newmont Goldcorp’s stock. As the largest gold miner by market capitalization, Newmont Goldcorp is committed to rewarding shareholders by way of the dividend. The company recently announced a $0.14 per share payable on Mar. 14, and management reaffirmed its plan on raising the quarterly distribution 79% to $0.25 per share in April 2020.

The allure of Newmont Goldcorp transcends the stock’s dividend, though. According to a recent report of the company’s gold mineral reserves, investors can rest assured that the company will have plenty of places for their shovels in the years to come. Proclaiming itself as the industry leader in gold mineral reserves, Newmont Goldcorp ended 2019 with 100.2 million ounces in gold reserves — a 53% increase over the 65.4 million ounces it had at the end of 2018. Consequently, management stated in the related press release that the company will be able to sustain annual gold production of six million ounces for “decades to come.”

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