2 Top Biotech Stocks Under $10

2 Top Biotech Stocks Under $10

Posted On April 27, 2020 1:16 pm

Stocks priced below $10 a share can be a mixed bag. Low share prices are often indicative of companies with poor fundamentals, a weak near-term outlook, and a large number of outstanding shares. These types of equities, in turn, tend to be exceptionally risky and highly volatile from a price standpoint. But there are a few significant upsides to buying stocks in the $5 to $10 range.

Low-priced equities, on occasion, can deliver substantial returns on capital within an exceedingly short period. What’s more, it’s far easier to build a position in round lots of 100 shares at a time. By doing so, investors can reduce their risk profile and generate immediate cash from the position by selling call options. While selling calls can cap the maximum return from a low-priced equity, this strategy also ensures that you won’t walk away empty-handed in a worst-case scenario.

Which companies with share prices under $10 should investors be paying attention to right now? Two of the best low-priced equities at the moment are Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN) and Atara Biotherapeutics. (NASDAQ:ATRA). These two biotech stocks have been heating up over the course of April and both are seemingly undervalued relative to their long-term outlook. Here’s a snapshot of the pros and cons of each company.

Amarin: A bet on a full-blown comeback

Amarin is a single-product, commercial-stage biopharma. The company’s value proposition thus begins and ends with its prescription omega-3 treatment Vascepa. Last year, the drug gained a major label expansion as a treatment for patients taking statins but who are still at risk of cardiovascular disease. This new indication was thought to be worth at least $2 billion in annual sales, and possibly quite a bit more. Unfortunately, a U.S. District Court stripped Vascepa of its patent protection in March, causing Amarin’s shares to collapse.

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