It’s Time for Less Intervention on All Levels

It’s Time for Less Intervention on All Levels

Posted On May 12, 2020 3:05 pm

One of CNBC host and NY Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin’s favorite phrases for linking the sausage of thoughts while interviewing an evasive guest is, “how do you square this circle?”

Not to diminish ARS’s journalistic skills or achievements I always hear this spoken in the voice of Steve Martin, especially as The Jerk, talking to mob investors saying “ahh yes, depreciating X and getting around this fair housing crap.”  Squaring the circle indeed.

My point, I think, is Martin/Sorkin initially cover-up or fake ignorance until the racket runners themselves finally spits out the ugly truth; yes, we’re running a rigged and self-dealing game.

Steve Martin then rips off his shirt off and proceeds to rectify the injustice by kicking the ass of those living off of kickbacks and such.  Sorkin, probably for the better, doesn’t get to take or have such immediately impactful action.

I’m far from a conspiracy theorist or capitalist turncoat and don’t want these Monday musings to turn into a weekly rant, we’re supposed to be talking options and our positions, but it’s hard to ignore the growing discord and disconnect between all the different sets, and subsets, of data, policy and market performance. Obviously-blatant falsehoods don’t sit well with people, but I think the second, and possibly more insidious erosion of trust comes from the inconsistency of data, the stated goals, and policy from the reality and reaction of institutions and individuals.

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