[Revealed] How the Next 6 Weeks Can Make Your Year

[Revealed] How the Next 6 Weeks Can Make Your Year

Posted On April 8, 2021 3:03 pm

We are about to hit a 6-week “feeding frenzy” that can set up your entire year!

Under normal circumstances this 6-week “feeding frenzy” would be volatile, but with the flood of liquidity from the Fed and US Government and the economy bouncing back from the Covid shutdowns last year…

The window is set up to be downright insane!  This is the perfect environment for traders, and if you have the right strategy you might just win big.  

During this 6 week period, we will leverage a little-known but extremely powerful trading strategy called PEPE.  

Even in normal market conditions, this strategy can deliver unreasonable returns into your account in record time…

But now we may see 12 months of returns in just 6 weeks. 

I can’t explain the entire strategy here – but I am going to dive deep into PEPE this Friday, April 9th at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST.  

You are invited to this FREE training, however, you must register.  

As I said, I can’t explain the strategy here, because of time and length constraints.

However, I want to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain…

Over the last fourteen occurrences of these 6-week “feeding frenzies,” we have made a total of 344 trades…

65% of which were winners for an average of 71% return each.  

Even more exciting, if you had started with a $5000 stake 3.5 years ago (that is how long it has taken for us to experience 14 “feeding frenzies”) and followed every trade recommendation – both winners and losers…

Your account would have over $26,426 in it.  That’s $21,426 in profits plus your original $5000.  

That’s more than 400% in profits in less than 4 years.  

Obviously, past gains are no guarantee of future performance, and trading involves risk.  But you already know all of that. 

I show you these results because I want you to know the power of PEPE.  

Properly applied, this strategy will show you how to get in on trades that are truly “high probability” trades!

The only catch is that this strategy can only be used in very specific 6-week windows. 

The good news is we are approaching the 6-week window, and in this market environment, you could make enough to set up your entire year!

We are going to spill the beans on Friday, April 9th at 1:00 pm EST/10:00 am PST

And I promise you – this is NOT a training session you want to miss. 

Because once the 6-week window closes, it stays locked tight until the next window opens.   

So click here and get registered, or you’ll be kicking yourself in the backside when you realize how much money you missed out on!

To Your Success, 


P.S. These trades are about to begin so register now and make sure you see this strategy first hand!

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