My Long-Term Concerns for My Trading Strategy

My Long-Term Concerns for My Trading Strategy

Posted On May 6, 2021 1:04 pm

In Yesterday’s email, I wrote, “Sorry Boo Bear, but El Toro is back in control!”

That single line brought a barrage of questions about where the markets are going, etc. 

I’m going to pick one of the questions, but they all asked the same general question…

“Steve, Did you see the article from yesterday (Tuesday) on Zero Hedge.  BoA is calling for “transitory” hyperinflation.  

What does that even mean?  How is that affecting your trading strategy?

What are the long-term concerns if they are right?

I would love to hear your thoughts.”

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I’m withholding this person’s name because I didn’t ask to release the email publically…

But so many people asked the same question, I thought I should address it.  

First, I did see the article.  If you didn’t here is the exact quote from BoA:

“On an absolute basis, [inflation] mentions skyrocketed to near-record highs from 2011, pointing to at the very least, “transitory” hyper-inflation ahead.”

I’m not sure what “transitory hyperinflation” is.  I’ve never heard the term before. I understand the words, but I don’t have a frame of reference to know exactly what they are expecting. 

As far as affecting my trading strategy, it isn’t.  

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Look, we all know the possible outcomes of the Fed Policy.  But they’ve kept it together since 2008.  

And a few months ago I finally threw in the towel on my beliefs and feelings about Fed policy.  

We trade the market we have

And so I will continue doing that.  

As far as long-term concerns, I hate to admit that I don’t know.  

I have some suspicions – which I have alluded to in the past…

But I just don’t know what is going to happen. 

In the meantime, we are going to keep finding and putting on great trades in Options360.  I shared some with you earlier this week – so I won’t rehash the topic.  

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We never let our beliefs get in the way of the facts…

And that’s why we have kicked the pants off the S&P every year since we started in 2015.  

I think this year will be the same…

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To Your Success,


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