My Special Offer to You [Extended Until June 6]

My Special Offer to You [Extended Until June 6]

Posted On June 5, 2021 9:30 am

This weekend is it!  At midnight on Sunday, your opportunity to get a $9 trial membership to Options360 will be over.

This is the ultimate proof of concept membership.  

You’ll get:

  • A Full Month of Recommendations: Every day, I scour the markets to find new trading opportunities for us.  

At the risk of sounding immodest, I literally grew up around the investing world.  My insights into the market are more powerful, insightful, and relevant than 99% of the financial journalists – most of whom have rarely even made a trade for themselves. What I offer to my readers can be more impactful than anything you’ll see on the financial networks. 

  • Regular Portfolio Updates: Because we are trading options in Options360, many opportunities and trades simply won’t wait a full month.  The options markets move fast, and I want to make sure we keep up. 

    So every day, I review our existing trades and look for new opportunities for us to profit.  When the time to exit a trade, or jump on a new one, I update the model portfolio for you.
  • Email and Text Alerts:  Obviously you don’t want to sit at your computer waiting with bated breath for me to post an update to our member’s site…

    So my partners at Adam Mesh Trading Group will send an email and (if you’d like) a text message whenever we have an update to the portfolio.

    That means, wherever you are and whatever you are doing…

    you get a text or an email and you can hop on your smartphone, execute the trade as directed, and be back to your life in 3 minutes or less.

    It has never been easier or more convenient for us to make money in the market without interfering with our lives.

  • Twice Monthly In-Depth Training Webinars: I don’t just want to give you fish, I want to teach you how to fish.  So every other week, I do a webinar that deep dives into the existing positions, explains why I put them on and what is happening with them.

    I also share what I am seeing in the markets and how you can take full advantage of them. 

    Before we finish, I do an exhaustive Q&A to make sure all of your questions are answered. 

  • Readily Available Customer Support Staff: Not only is the Adam Mesh Trading Group known for the BEST customer service in the financial newsletter business, but you’ll also get my personal and private email address.

    My subscribers will tell you that they have never worked with an editor that responds and quickly and thoroughly to all of their questions.
    In short, our goal is to keep you as a subscriber forever.  We do that by helping you make more money than you can anywhere else AND by offering customer service that’s second to none. 

You get everything for a full month for just $9!  

There is no obligation on your part.  You can trade with us, or just watch for 30 days and decide if it’s worth keeping your subscription after that.  (Hint: virtually everyone stays once they get the full Options360 experience.)

This is the lowest price we have ever offered Options360, and you will never see a lower price…

So right now is the perfect time to grab your trial membership.  

It’s time to take your trading to the next level.  

You can start here!

To Your Success,


PS.  We started this special $9 trial subscription to celebrate my birthday and extended the special through Memorial Day as a way to honor our fallen heroes.  

After Memorial Day, we were swamped with requests to honor the $9 trial…

So my publisher and I reluctantly extended the special offer through this weekend.  This is it, you either jump on board for $9 right now or you don’t.  

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