Quick Saturday Options Trading Message for You…

Quick Saturday Options Trading Message for You…

Posted On July 17, 2021 12:00 pm

Dear Reader, 

The last few weeks have been erratic to say the least. 

Yes there’s been some ups and downs in the indices, but what is happening under the surface is cause for concern. 

Not panic, but it is time to keep your antenna up.  It’s times like this when traders like us can find the most profits!  

I for one am going to take a break this weekend. 

Today I am taking the 2 minute walk to the beach with my favorite mystery book and a tropical adult beverage…

and enjoying the fabled Florida summer (when it’s not storming).

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I expect the market to start to get really interesting (and profitable) over the next few days or weeks…

Consider this your invitation not to miss out.  Grab your trial membership to Options360 for just $19, and get in on the amazing trades I am watching for next week!

To Your Success,


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