[Last Chance]  Extended Through the Weekend

[Last Chance] Extended Through the Weekend

Posted On August 14, 2021 9:15 am

The week I had a moving sale for Options 360.  We opened the service for just $9 until Friday at midnight. 

Then this morning I woke to several emails asking me if they could get in for the $9 special price…

So I contacted my publisher and got them to agree to extend the special until Sunday at midnight. But that’s the final day.  No more extension!

If you miss it, it’s gone. 

Here are the details in the email I wrote on Monday:


Moving Sale!  Get Your Membership to Options360 for just $9!

I told you last week that the owner of the condo I rent on the beach is selling and I needed to move. 

Fortunately for me, there was another condo coming up for rent in the same complex, so I will still be 3 minutes from the Atlantic ocean!  

I say fortunately because there is almost nothing available to rent in my area….

And this was the ONLY place to rent on the beach.  

Of course, that means my rent went up, which is fine with me.  I do pretty well for myself and live well below my means – so even a 60% increase wasn’t an issue.  

On the subject of rising prices, the CPI for the 12 months ending in June 2021 was an astonishing 5.4% – which was the highest rate since 2008. 

You probably already know that I am a contrarian, despite my “don’t fight the Fed” mantra…

So I want to buck the trend of rising prices and drop the price for Options360.  You can now get a trial membership for just $9!

For just $9 you can get access to winners like last week’s 52% overnight win in TDOC.

Because we try to keep the trades accessible to everyone, I only put on 2 contracts and the cash return was just $140. 

However, you could have easily put on 10 contracts or 20 contracts and made your overnight cash return $700 or even $1400. 

Not bad for 5 minutes at your computer or on your smartphone. 

While that TDOC trade was great, it was hardly unusual.  Recently we also closed trades in:

  • HLT for an impressive 63% return and

  • QQQ for 98% return

And year to date we are up an amazing 28%, winners and losers included!

You can get access to all of my trade recommendations for just $9!

But you need to take action right now to get in on this amazing opportunity. 

To Your Success,


PS.  I know you are aware of this, but I still need to say that we can promise any returns or guarantee you won’t have losses. We all know that already…

But for $9 you have practically no risk.  Click here and take your test drive today

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