The Answer to an Investor Question I’ve Been Asked A Lot Lately

The Answer to an Investor Question I’ve Been Asked A Lot Lately

Posted On August 4, 2021 4:15 pm

You may know that subscribers to my Options360 concierge trading service get my direct email to ask me questions about positions, how I trade, or general insights about the market. 

I don’t give personal advice, but I don’t have any problems answering general questions for subscribers. 

You Can Get My Direct Email With Your $19 Trial Subscription

Occasionally, when I get a lot of questions about one topic I like to share the answers with the general list. 

Here is one I am seeing a lot of these days:

Q: Steve, what’s going to happen to the economy?  Are we going to see hyperinflation, or will the inflation we are seeing pass?

A:  I am always flattered when people ask me this kind of question.  I have been working around the markets since I was in high school, but the amount of knowledge you would have to have to give an honest answer to this question is mind-boggling.

In the words of James Garner in Barbarians at the Gate, “Half the people involved don’t know what is going on!”

The US economy is SO big and has SO many moving parts that I don’t think most people have any idea what is going to happen.  Loads of people have a theory…”

But ultimately we will have to find out.

Here’s my take, I focus on what I can control.  Trading! 

For my Options360 subscribers, I find high probability\low risk trades and we make them. 

So far it’s working, because we are up 31% YTD, winners and losers included. 

So here’s my answer in summary…

When it comes to your trading, don’t worry about what might happen – what this guy or that guy says is going to happen – or what policy “they” should adopt to avoid disaster or usher in utopia…

Focus on trading and making profits.  I got news for you if you have your financial house in order – you can survive whatever financial difficulties may lie ahead.  

Keep an eye on what you can control…

And grab your trial membership to Options360 for just $19.  

It’ll be the best money you ever spent!

To Your Success,


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