Reflecting on My Life & Trading During Thanksgiving

Reflecting on My Life & Trading During Thanksgiving

Posted On November 26, 2021 9:30 am

It’s that most wonderful time of the year.  I say that with a mouth stuffed full of sarcasm and a side of cynicism. But negativity, bad news, and bearishness are easy refuges for pessimists.

Despite recently penning some posts stating my concern regarding stock market valuation, Fed missteps, and dislike for the devolution of political discourse, I refuse to become a doom-and-gloomer. 

I’ve made too good a living, with too nice a lifestyle for too long for me to become anything but thankful. 

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There’s just too much good going on in society, and too many people trying to make a positive impact to let the bad color your worldview. 

What I like most about Thanksgiving is that it has (so far) escaped partisan/political/religious/racial divides (yes, I know all about the original crazy, controversial Uncle Columbus) which allows everyone to express gratitude for the good things in their lives.  

If you think that the state of the world is terrible right now, you need to get some perspective…and also step away from Twitter. 

Sad but true: It will be the ninth straight year I won’t be spending this holiday with my children. However,  I’ve come to terms with it. It’s simply a function of divorce and I live in Florida while they reside in New York.  In fact, I’m thankful I don’t have to deal with the travel logistics or strained family dynamics.  Instead, I’ll chill with my brother this weekend, and spend unfettered time with the kids next week. I’m also thankful that I booked the trip early because NYC hotel prices are now totally out of control.  

They say money can’t buy happiness. But, I’d be in a much better mood if my standard room at a basic Doubletree hotel was less than $500 a night. 

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Oops, I almost slipped into a negative mindset. Let me remind myself that 16 years ago, while my ex was pregnant with our daughter, I was diagnosed with cancer and wasn’t sure if I’d be around for anymore Thanksgivings, let alone watch my children grow up.  Just like the world at large, it’s not a perfect situation.  However, it’s far, far, better than it was a decade ago.  And most importantly, even if it comes in fits and starts, we’re all moving towards a more perfect coexistence. 

Outside of family, what I’m most thankful for is the lifestyle that trading has afforded me.  And a large part of that is the Options360 community where I get to both give and receive incredible rewards of monetary and emotional nature. 

For those that have been a part of the Options360 family, I say let’s keep the party going.  To others, I offer this humble invitation, with no strings attached, to… 

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