4 Growth Stocks Expected to Skyrocket in 2022, According to Wall Street

Posted On December 28, 2021 3:00 pm

In just a few days we’ll close the book on what’s been another great year for the broad-market indexes. Through the holiday-shortened week, the benchmark S&P 500 had hit 68 record-closing highs for the year and was up by 26%.

Yet, in spite of this above-average performance, select Wall Street analysts and investment banks still see incredible value from a quartet of growth stocks. Based on the high-water price target on Wall Street for each respective company, these four stocks are expected to skyrocket between 107% and 240% in 2022.

Teladoc Health: Implied upside of 126%

It’s been a wild ride for telehealth kingpin Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC). After more than doubling in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic, the virtual visit platform has been more than halved this year. But if analyst Sean Dodge of RBC Capital proves accurate in his estimate, Teladoc could rocket 126% higher to a price target of $215 in 2022.

While critics would argue that Teladoc’s sales growth in 2020 was a flash in the pan, the company’s growth prior to the pandemic suggests otherwise. In the six years leading up to the pandemic, it grew sales by an annual average of 74%.

The fact is that Teladoc is changing the face of personalized care. Its virtual visit platform is more convenient for patients and can allow physicians to keep closer tabs on chronically ill people. This should ultimately result in improved patient outcomes and lower costs for health insurers. This latter is particularly important since it means insurers will promote the use of telemedicine, when applicable.

Teladoc’s supercharged growth also comes on the heels of its acquisition of leading applied health signals company Livongo Health a year ago. Livongo uses artificial intelligence to send tips and nudges to its enrolled members with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension. The ability for Teladoc and Livongo to cross-sell should help the company maintain jaw-dropping growth potential.

Trulieve Cannabis: Implied upside of 169%

If there’s an industry where Wall Street’s price targets are consistently well above where the underlying stocks are currently trading, it’s cannabis — specifically U.S. cannabis. If the prognostication of Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Pablo Zuanic proves correct, marijuana stock Trulieve Cannabis (OTC:TCNNF) could hit $72 in 2022.  That represents an upside of 169%, relative to where shares closed last week.

Like most multi-state operators (MSO), Trulieve is letting its retail operations do most of the work. But Trulieve took a different path to growth than most MSOs. Instead of trying to plant its proverbial flag in as many legalized states as possible, Trulieve focused most of its attention on saturating medical marijuana-legal Florida. Less than a week ago, it opened its 112th dispensary in the Sunshine State, which compares to 47 outside of Florida.

Focusing on a single high-dollar market has its perks. Since Trulieve controls well over a quarter of all statewide dispensaries in Florida, it doesn’t have to spend much on marketing. Not having to budget a lot of money to build up its brands has resulted in three consecutive years of profitability for the company.

The next exciting step for Trulieve is inorganic growth. In October, it closed the biggest deal in U.S. cannabis history by purchasing MSO Harvest Health & Recreation. Harvest has a dominant presence in its home market of Arizona, which legalized adult-use weed in November 2020. With a huge presence in…

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