Don’t Screw This Up, Like I Did…

Posted On February 10, 2022 10:54 am

For almost 7 years now – that’s how long I have been running Options360 – I have been pounding the drum about my “grind it out” approach to trading. 

I am not looking for a single trade to make us rich, that just doesn’t happen with any reliability or predictability.  

While lots of people were caught in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) last year, I was enjoying my HIMI (Happy I Missed It) approach to trading.  

Not because I wouldn’t LOVE to get an insane return.  Who wouldn’t?

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That problem is for every flier you take that wins – like AMC for example – there’s 100 that looked like they might go to the moon only to crash and burn. 

I learned my lesson about “sure things” with the first trade I ever made for myself.  

It was October 12th, 1989, and United Airlines (UAL) was supposed to merge with Northwestern on Friday, October 13th – the next day.  

I sold 10 $150 put contracts that expired the next day for a $1000 premium. I thought I was brilliant!  In 24 hours I was going to put a grand in my pocket for doing nothing!  

The stock had been trading at $190, the merger was for $200 a share…

And I knew that this trade was a sure thing. 

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If you’re old enough you might remember that Friday, October 13th, 1989 is known to some as Black Friday…

Because the merger was called off, the market crashed…

And I lost $50,000 on my first trade. 


That’s why when people come to me with some AMAZING sure thing that will put loads of money in our pockets, I am skeptical.  

Does this trade match my trading thesis?

What is the risk/reward ratio?

I know it’s not exciting, but my grind-it-out approach delivered an 82% return for last year – winners and losers included.  

And we have delivered as high as 125% ROI.  

Options360 has never had a losing year, and we have smashed the S&P 500 every single year since we launched! 

And I believe we can do even better this year. 

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