[REVEALED] A Sweetheart of a Deal for Valentine’s Day Weekend

Posted On February 12, 2022 9:30 am

I hope you are having an amazing weekend…

I know I am! 

And because I am having such a great weekend, I want to do something special for you. 

Take advantage of this “Sweetheart” $9 trial membership into the service that delivered its members 82% PROFITS in 2021 — The Options360!

First let me share a bit of personal information…

I don’t make a habit of discussing my personal life. Once in a while I share a story about my past to drive home a point about trading…

But that’s normally it.  

Today I am going to break from that a little, and then I am going to share an unbelievable bit of exciting news for you!

I am excited because for the first time in over 2 years I have someone to share Valentine’s Day with.

Full disclosure, we just had our first date recently so this is not a serious partner, for now.  Still the date went well, and this weekend we have some plans. 

I can tell you, after my divorce 11 years ago my dating life has been sparse.  I just didn’t want to take the time or put in the effort to actually find someone to spend time with.  

My children, my work, the ocean, books, and my news “addiction” kept me fulfilled.  

I would see someone now and again, but the truth was my heart wasn’t really in it.  

My last date was over 2 years ago and didn’t lead anywhere.  After that I was fine just pulling myself “off the market.”

A few weeks ago that changed.  I decided it might be time for me to find a special someone to spend some time with…

So I joined a dating site that is supposed to find that perfect someone for you.

Well, I don’t know if they have succeeded.  I do know we had a nice first date and I expect to have a nice time tonight.  

I feel like a teenager again in many ways.  While a single date does not a relationship make…

It is nice to feel that old excitement of what this could be.  

We’ll see.  

And That Brings Us to What I Have on Tap for YOU! 

 I want to do something that we have never done before…

We are opening up Options360 for just $9 this Valentine’s Day!

Over the last 7 years, Options360 has been delivering marketing-beating returns for subscribers.  We have never lost money over the course of a year, and we have always slammed the S&P 500, our benchmark index.  

Just last year we saw an 82% ROI for the year, winners and losers included, while the S&P returned a paltry 26.8%.

I expect to have another banner year in Options360, we may even beat our record of a 125% ROI this year. 

And now you can get in with this “Sweetheart Deal” for just $9!

Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving all year…

And one that can help you secure the wealth you dream of. 

Click here and take advantage of this crazy $9 Valentine’s Day special right now

To Your Success,


PS. We are only doing this over the weekend, so make sure to click here and grab your $9 subscription to Options360 before it’s too late! 

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