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Posted On February 3, 2022 2:22 pm

You likely know by now that I am a basketball fan.  (Bear with me for 30 seconds, I have an EXTREMELY important trading message for you.) 

I played in school, and I watch every week during the season. 

But here’s something you likely do not know…

Coaching college athletics is, by some standards, one of the most dangerous jobs you can have for your health.  

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Why do you ask?

Heart attacks, and other cardiovascular issues, are pretty common.

Think about it, especially in basketball, you have about ½ of a second to get over any good or bad play and keep shouting orders and making plans.  

One of your guys misses a basket?  You better be back on point and directing your players…

Or the other team will have the ball. 

Someone from the other team steals a pass?  Get over it now.  

Switch from offense to defense and start telling your players what to do. 

And when you get a basket, GREAT! Half a second later, now we stop celebrating and start on the next play.

It’s nothing but constant pressure to perform and recover, perform and recover.  

And that is why trading is so hard for the average retail trader…

They just aren’t capable of recovering and getting back in the game right away.  

I mentioned yesterday:

“Similarly, just as investors remained scarred for years after the financial crisis, it’ll take time before people relinquish the ‘buy the dip’ mentality.”

 There are many reasons that I believe trading is better for building wealth when it comes to retail traders.  

For example, options trading allows us to leverage the market’s price movements without having huge amounts of money in any single position.  

However, the one thing that makes options trading harder is the tendency for people to take a LONG time to recover from big wins or losses.  

Too many retail traders get a big win and want to savor it, or they get a big loss and get gun shy. 

You can’t do either.  You MUST be able to get right back on the horse and make another trade when a good setup appears.  

That’s why it’s so important to get professional guidance in this market.  I don’t mean your stock broker…

Most of those guys are good at selling stocks – not so much at choosing them. 

My concierge trading service, Options360, has exactly the kind of guidance and education that can help you become an amazing trader. 

And I can promise you…

Living a Trader’s Lifestyle is pretty awesome!

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To Your Success,


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