Short-Term Trades for the Long Game…

Short-Term Trades for the Long Game…

Posted On March 30, 2022 8:36 am

Everyone loves a good rant, and so I am going to give you one today. 

This business – trading and investing newsletter, education, coaching, etc – is a strange business.  

You see, we have a legal and ethical obligation to tell you the truth about our trading activity, wins, and losses, etc. 

However, some of the customers don’t want to hear the truth.  They want to hear how they can get rich in the next 12 months without any work. 

That’s clearly an unrealistic goal, even if I am being slightly hyperbolic.

Here’s the problem, too many publishers buy into it and tell you nonsense in an attempt to get your subscription fee.    

I saw one publisher claim that people could have retired in 6 weeks.  It might have been 3 months or 6 months, but it was some insane claim like that.

How did they do it?

By investing a ridiculous amount of money into certain penny stocks and rolling all of the gains on very specific exact days.  

Here’s the thing, they didn’t make the recommendations – they just looked back at the track record of these stocks and pointed out that if you had traded them perfectly, you would have enough money to retire starting with something like $100.  

To me, that’s just out of line.    

Another guy claimed to have a 10,000% ROI in his track record over the previous 4 or 5 years.  Ten thousand dollars into a million dollars?  Yes, he actually made that claim!!

That kind of stuff pisses me off because it’s nonsensical and it hurts inexperienced traders and investors who are looking for help.

Look, if they could deliver those kinds of numbers, Black Rock would pay them millions of dollars a year to do it.  

But they are trying to sell you a $49 a year newsletter?  It’s ridiculous!  

Unfortunately, people buy when publishers make claims like that. 

I am grateful that people take the time to read my articles and emails – so I don’t want to seem ungrateful…

But people who are looking for and/or respond to that kind of ridiculous message won’t do well with my work. The expectation/desire of the reader is just incompatible with reality.  

Even though I have been accused by some professionals that my track record is just too good to be true, I guarantee you that it is 100% legit.  

The Options360 model portfolio really was up 125% in 2015. 

We really did deliver 67% in 2018, and 77% in 2019…

And last year subscribers who made all the trades, winners and losers included, really were up a whopping 82% for the year.  

In the interest of full disclosure, here are our actual results since we launched in 2015:

2015: up 125% (S&P was down .73%)

2016: up 32% (S&P was up just 9.54%)

2017: up 48% (S&P was up just 19.42%)

2018 up 67% (S&P lost a whopping 6.24%)

2019: up 77% (S&P up just 28.9%)

2020: up 43% (S&P up just 16.26%)

2021: up 82% (S&P up just 27.27%)

This year we are up around 8%, as opposed to the S&P which is down 3.44%

That means we are outperforming the S&P by almost 12%!

Without trying to sound immodest, those are amazing results…

And I can deliver them because I’m not always looking for a home run I can brag about.

Remember, Babe Ruth was the home run king for decades, but he was also the strike-out king.

That might work in baseball, but it’s a sure way to lose all your money when you are trading. 

I look for base hits, and we grind out the wins.  

Not exciting, but I don’t do exciting…


So to be very blunt with you right now, if you are looking for a way to make a 500%, 1000%, or even 5000% ROI on a position…

Keep looking. I’m not your guy.

But, if you are looking for a time-tested and reliable way to make an impressive yearly ROI – my track record speaks for itself.  

There are no guarantees, there never are.  

Still, I invite you to enjoy a trial subscription to my Options360 Concierge Trading Service.  It’s just $19.  

You get all of my recommendations, 2 hard-hitting in-depth webinars, hundreds of hours of archived training, and even my personal email where you can ask me questions (no individual trading advice).  

Even if you didn’t make a trade and you just observed, it would be worth WAY more than the $19.

And once you see how well we can do, you’ll never leave the service.  

Click here and take your test drive today!

To Your Success,


PS. I get asked why I don’t work for a hedge fund if I am “so good” at trading.  I did.  I worked in that world and was quite successful at it.

I left because I enjoy my beach view and NOT working 100 hours a week.  

That’s why.  And my lifestyle choices can be your path to successful trades.  Click here and find out how I do it.

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Steve Smith have been involved in all facets of the investment industry in a variety of roles ranging from speculator, educator, manager and advisor. This has taken him from the trading floors of Chicago to hedge funds on Wall Street to the world online. From 1987 to 1996, he served as a market maker at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). From 1997 to 2007, he was a Senior Columnist and Managing Editor for TheStreet.com, handling their Option Alert and Short Report newsletters. The Option Alert was awarded the MIN “best business newsletter” in 2006. From 2009 to 2013, Smith was a Senior Columnist and Managing Editor for Minyanville’s OptionSmith newsletter, as well as a Risk Manager Consultant for New Vernon Capital LLC. Smith acted as an advisor to build models and option strategies to reduce portfolio exposure and enhance returns for the four main funds. Since 2015, he has worked for Adam Mesh Trading Group. There, he has managed Options360 and Earning 360, been co-leader of Option Academy, and contributed to The Option Specialist website.