REVEALED: The Secret to Trading Profits

REVEALED: The Secret to Trading Profits

Posted On May 26, 2022 2:57 pm

Earlier this week I mentioned a “triple play” trade I put on for Options360.  

Stay with me because there is a VERY important trading lesson for you in this email.  I just need to set the groundwork so we are on the same page.  

We place a bullish trade on AirBnB (ABNB) and SPDR S&P 500 Trust (SPY) along with a VIX ratio call spread.

I also mentioned how I tried a similar trade with different stocks last week.  

Fortunately last week – when the trade went against us – I was able to get out the same day for a small profit. 

We weren’t so lucky in our position in ABNB, SPY, and VIX.  We closed the same day, however, it was for a minuscule loss.  

Yesterday I mentioned a different trade in SPY that we recently established.  

We took a roll yesterday morning in expectation of the SPY breaking the $400 mark next week. 

Well, it broke $400 today, so we took another role to lock in some profits and are looking for a final roll next week to reduce our cost basis and lock in more profits.  

To summarize, last week we got in and out of a trade in a single day – for a small gain – because the momentum changed quickly. 

The same thing happened this week – only it was for a tiny loss.

On another trade we hit the mark we were expecting days early – so we needed to lock in profits and roll the trade.  

In other words, if YOU are not watching the market constantly you can very easily miss a chance to mitigate losses or miss a chance to take profits. 

Either can be devastating to your trading career.  

So if you have a professional life, or a social life, outside of trading…

It might be a good idea to get someone with lots of experience – who watches the market all day – to help you find and secure profits

That is why I am here.  

Think of me as your semi-private research department.  

For just $19 you get a professional whose sole job is finding and suggesting high probability, low-risk trades.  

Then I even follow the trade to let you know when we should close the position. 

Hedge funds and investment banks pay hundreds of thousands – even millions – of dollars per year for people like me…

But you can get me for just $19.  

Isn’t it time you increase your chances of success?

To Your Success,


PS. To be explicitly clear, the secret to trading profits is to watch the market like a hawk…

Or get a professional you trust to watch it for you

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