How To Get Started And Gain Confidence Trading

How To Get Started And Gain Confidence Trading

Posted On June 16, 2022 2:58 pm

Despite the market’s initial reaction, it would seem that the Fed’s rate hike decision wasn’t taken well… After a brief surge as the meeting started, stocks quickly resumed on their downward trend. These moves can get beginner traders into a lot of trouble, and fast. This increased volatility can be difficult to manage. Which means I am hard at work, trying to find fresh trades for my concierge trading service, Options360.  

But I wanted to take a second and mention that our bi-weekly webinar was earlier this week, and I have to say subscribers got their money’s worth! These twice monthly webinars are a vital part of Options360, because it allows me to coach you directly, answer your questions about trading (not personal trading advice), and it allows you to learn trading strategies at an accelerated rate.  

The simple fact is, when you can get access to a professional trader with decades of experience, the learning curve is cut down dramatically. When you are able to learn from someone who has been there before. Trading is like anything else we have had to learn throughout our years, we’ve often had a teacher or coach help us avoid the pitfalls and enjoy more of the triumphs.

This one aspect of Options360 (the group coaching and webinar part) is worth FAR more than we charge for the entire service.

You Can Get Access to All my Research and Recommendations, as Well As Yesterday’s Webinar for just $19

So why don’t we charge more? Well, my partner Adam Mesh is on a mission to help as many people become successful traders as possible. Part of that mission is building a community of like minded individuals who share the goal of increasing our income through trading options. And in the midst of times like these, I think we can all appreciate a little more cash in our pockets.

That’s why almost every service published by Adam has an education and/or coaching component. We don’t just signal trades to our members and leave them to fend for themselves. We want to coach you on your journey, and it is indeed a journey, to become a better trader. Our goal is to put you in a position where you are able to identify your own trades and have confidence in making them.

Adam’s mission is why I decided to work with him and why I think can too.

It’s also why you get access to a full month of Options360, which includes recommendations, research, and even personalized coaching during my bi-weekly webinars…

You get everything for a full 30 days for just $19. You receive this options trading training package for only $19 a month. Think of it this way, skipping Starbucks a few days this week is all you need to getting started. To many that in it of itself sounds like a challenge, but some of the best things in life come on the other side of hard work.

Let’s get to work, click here

Wishing You Success,


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