The #1 Strategy For Trading Options For Income…

The #1 Strategy For Trading Options For Income…

Posted On July 28, 2022 1:24 pm

When people ask me what the “secret” is to profitable investing, I reply…

“You have to trade for income. You have to start collecting premium.”

It’s simple really, that’s what the best traders in the world focus on.

Yes, we like to hit home-runs, but the truth is that weekly cash flow will always outpace the big scores.

Can I prove it?


Our Options Money Machine (OMM) service is up 63.88% YTD!

The S&P 500 is down over 17%.

The Dow is down almost 13%.

The Nasdaq is down almost 25%…

But OMM is up more than 63%!

To be honest I didn’t even know how well we were performing until some of my team members were reviewing the trades.

We use a 3rd party service to keep track of our performance.

When they told me, I knew we had to do something to celebrate…

So, I told the team to open up a $1 – 30 day trial! This is something we’ve never done before and this might be the only time we ever do this!

You can get full access to the Options Money Machine (OMM), all the trades, all the training…

Everything for just a single solitary dollar.

OMM focuses on credit spreads, which means we often get paid for just putting on a trade.

Even better, you don’t need to be right to have a winning trade.  

You just need to not be really wrong.  

In other words, even if a stock moves in an unexpected way – as long as it’s a small move you can still be profitable

To celebrate OMM’s epic track record against the odds – we are opening up a full month for just $1.

Don’t miss out on another profit producing trade, click here now and let us prove to you why OMM is the #1 strategy for trading options for income!

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