You Can Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet… Here’s How

You Can Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet… Here’s How

Posted On December 20, 2022 2:54 pm

Dear Reader,

To paraphrase Dickens, 2022 has been the best of times (in the Options360 community) and the worst of times (for the average retail investor/trader).

I don’t need, nor want to, remind you why it’s been the worst of times, but let’s talk about the best of times.

The volatility in the markets has paid off BIG for the Options360 community.

But it’s time to make 2023 even better!

Sure, there were a few scary moments…

However, for Options360 members the year has been very strong!

The model portfolio is up 27% for the year, which is great no matter how you slice it…

In a market where our benchmark has lost 19.56%, it’s “strong as Ajax” – to quote my Florida neighbor.

But that’s not unusual, we’ve been beating the heck out of the S&P since we launched in 2015:

  • 2015: up 125% (S&P was down .73%)
  • 2016: up 32% (S&P was up just 9.54%)
  • 2017: up 48% (S&P was up just 19.42%)
  • 2018 up 67% (S&P lost a whopping 6.24%)
  • 2019: up 77% (S&P up just 28.9%)
  • 2020: up 43% (S&P up just 16.26%) 
  • 2021: up 72% (S&P up just 29%)

Isn’t it time you started building wealth with a reliable, sane strategy rather than just jumping at the next big “home run?”

Just look at the Options360 track record.

Those aren’t cherry picked trades either. That is the overall yearly return, winners and losers included, for every year since we launched.

If you recall my newsletter from yesterday, over that timeline, if you had traded with me every step of the way and started with $10,000, you would have turned that into a whopping +$500,000. Not a get rich quick scheme by any means…

That’s the culmination of years of discipline, hard work, and staying the course.

Of course, no one can make any guarantees, and trading involves risk…

But our track record speaks for itself.

And now you can get your 2023 started off right for just $19.

Just click here and and take advantage of this unbelievable pricing while it is still available.

To Your Success,


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