These Alternative Investments Can Help Your Portfolio Shine

These Alternative Investments Can Help Your Portfolio Shine

Posted On March 27, 2023 10:40 am

Stocks and bonds received a brief boost following Wednesday’s FOMC meeting as Chairman Powell struck a relatively dovish tone. However, the markets quickly reversed as Janet Yellen, who was speaking in front of congress at the same time Powell spoke, made clear there’s no plan for a blanket backstop/bailout for depositors.

On Thursday, both equities and interest instruments tried to resume the rally, but started falling by midday as investors reassessed the ramifications of what is likely to be an economic contraction, as bank lending and overall financial conditions begin to tighten.

The flight from cash accounts, whether savings checking or anything not explicitly covered by the FDIC $250k limit, will keep flowing out of the banks, even the top tier banks like JP Morgan Chase (JPM) or Bank of America (BAC).

So where is the money going and where can investors look for alternatives? Let’s come up with some ideas.

Gold has been the traditional ‘store of value’ for more than 5,000 years. It’s also been enjoying a nice rally as of late, gaining nearly 12% since the implosion of…

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