Legendary Traders Reveals How to Find The Best Trades

Legendary Traders Reveals How to Find The Best Trades

Posted On April 18, 2023 9:46 am

The Dow has been all over the place since the beginning of the year. Down as low as 3.97% and currently up 2.15%.

With a market that is completely non-committal, and that is subject to big swings on random news…

How can we know what is coming next?

When I’m not sure what to expect in the market, there’s only one man I turn to for insight…

Tom Sosnoff!

If the name Tom Sosnoff doesn’t ring a bell, then let me give you a quick rundown of just a few items on his resume.

Tom was a successful lead market maker on the CBOE for almost 20 years.

He realized that retail traders would want to trade options online if they had a platform – so in 1999 he co-founded thinkorswim. You likely still see the advertisements for the platform on the financial news channels. (TDAmeritrade has owned the platform since buying it in 2009.)

With Think or Swim Tom changed the options trading world forever. He is the reason we can trade the way we do.

TODAY April 18th at 4:15pm Eastern, Tom is going to reveal what he is doing right now to find and put on profitable trades.

One might think that creating a substantial personal fortune and completely changing the options trading industry would be enough for one man in one lifetime…

But not for Tom.

He saw an opportunity to serve traders even more, so he created another trading platform called tastytrade.

And he outdid himself.

After trying tastytrade I knew I had to be part of it, so I became a brand ambassador.

Here’s the wild part, even though Tom is a talented entrepreneur his real love is trading. He and his team can have as many as 100 or more trades going at one time.

In other words, Tom and his people trade more in a year than many traders do in their whole trading career.

He is always on the cutting edge of what is working in any market. And Tuesday he is going to share with you what is working right now!

Tom always brings his A game, so make sure you get on this call. And have some paper and a pen available to take notes…

Because I can promise you this will be a powerful learning experience.

The training session is FREE, but you need to register.

Kind Regards,
Adam Mesh

P.S. Tom does these training sessions with us because we have the best options trading community on Earth. This is not something you’ll find anywhere else.

Make sure you don’t waste this incredible opportunity. Register Now!

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