3 Education Stocks to Buy for an AI World

3 Education Stocks to Buy for an AI World

Posted On September 28, 2023 3:53 pm

When ChatGPT burst onto the AI scene earlier this year, the narrative around online learning and training was very clear. AI was coming for your business, because why in the world would someone pay for training, when they could get education and training for free from an AI chatbot.

Only one problem, knee jerk reactions to new technologies on Wall Street are VERY often dead wrong. And so it was with the prognostication that AI would be the death knell for companies like Lincoln Educational Services (LINC), Perdoceo Education (PRDO), and Stride (LRN). 

Maybe if you’d asked those on Wall Street that said ChatGPT would replace training companies, if they would want their nurse, or the person who built their Tesla (TSLA) to be trained by actual experts, or just ChatGPT, they would have rethought that statement. Lincoln Educational Services (LINCdoes both, as well as offer many other hands-on technical training programs. 

Lincoln recently signed a partnership with Tesla to establish a Tesla EV training center at its campus in Columbia, MD. The partnership will ensure that the number 1 EV maker in the U.S. will have service technicians to service all of those brand spanking new EVs. 

Talking about the EV training…

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