This Brazilian Stock is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Profit Opportunity

Posted On October 3, 2023 3:57 pm

Imagine it: it’s 1974. Inflation is running wild in the economy. Gerald Ford, one of the truly “good guy” politicians, is the lamest of lame duck Presidents. By year’s end, he will have been bested and replaced by the likable and sincere governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter.

The aftermaths of Watergate and Vietnam linger in the national psyche. The stock market has collapsed by more than 40%. Thanks to dismal results in the textile divisions, Warren Buffett has had one of his worst years to date.

But if you fast-forward to today, investors who purchased $10,000 of Berkshire Hathaway back then have seen it grow to about $150 million today. And that is the opportunity that you have now in Brazil.

Once again, I am breaking all the rules of financial publishing: I am never supposed to talk about foreign stocks because readers are not interested. I am especially never supposed to talk about a country like Brazil.

But I’m going to, because the opportunity is just too great. Let me show you…

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