AI 2024 Outlook: Which Stock Holds the Edge?

AI 2024 Outlook: Which Stock Holds the Edge?

Posted On December 28, 2023 10:30 am

The AI landscape evolved significantly, thrusting it into the limelight for leading technology firms with the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Before this advanced language model-based chatbot was unveiled, AI was certainly explored and considered by tech enterprises, but seldom was it prioritized. However, now, unwavering optimism about the burgeoning potential of AI continues to pervade organizations.

As we bid adieu to 2023 – notably marked by the ascendancy of AI – queries linger regarding the monetization strategies businesses will employ around this transformative technology. However, amid the clouds of uncertainty, one fact stands crystal clear – AI is here for the long haul, advancing at a stupendously swift pace.

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA), a leading force in the semiconductor realm, has secured an iron-clad position in the AI arena thanks to its timely engagement with AI technologies. This strategic move has propelled NVDA years ahead of its competitors, enabling it to provide a comprehensive platform catering to all AI requisites – from advanced chips and processors to complex software systems.

Intel Corporation (INTC), distinguished for trailblazing semiconductor innovation and globally esteemed for its Central Processing Units (CPUs), fuels a myriad of devices spanning personal computers to expansive data centers. INTC’s Core processors are applauded for their exceptional performance and unwavering reliability. In a recent turn of events, INTC has plunged into the AI sphere with products like the AI-specialized Core Ultra and server CPUs like Emerald Rapids.

The global AI market is expected to reach $1.35 trillion, growing at a 36.8% CAGR. It would be strategically amiss for INTC not to stake its claim. However, the extent of INTC’s share within this booming market hinges upon factors like the raw processing capacity, the versatility of the tech, and the number and diversity of potential applications for its semiconductor chips.

Relations between INTC and NVDA have soured following the “AI Everywhere” event, as a harsh critique from INTC’s CEO Pat Gelsinger has elicited retaliatory remarks. The dispute originated when Pat Gelsinger criticized NVDA’s AI strategy as being “shallow and small.” This sparked a skirmish of words between the two tech titans, relentlessly escalating since then. The wrangle fueled up when INTC suggested that NVDA’s status in the sector was simply due to “luck,” provoking a robust response from the graphics giant.

NVDA reacted defensively to INTC’s comments, vehemently denying the ‘luck’ factor in their success. Bryan Catanzaro, NVDA’s Vice President and previously involved with INTC’s discontinued Larrabee project, took to the internet to express his views. He pointed to INTC’s failure to capitalize on the rising AI trend as evidence of their lack of “vision and execution.”

During the “AI Everywhere” event, INTC unveiled numerous innovative products and provided updates on their product pipeline. The highlight of the event was the introduction of the Gaudi 3 accelerator. However, Meteor Lake, an AI-optimized Core Ultra, and Emerald Rapids for cloud applications were also unveiled along with new chipsets, underscoring INTC’s commitment to fostering an extensive AI ecosystem.

It is reported that Gaudi 3 could outperform NVDA’s H100 accelerator, the current top choice for companies developing sizeable chip farms to power AI applications, despite NVDA is yet to launch its latest high-end AI chip.

Stepping into the booming AI market with gusto, INTC’s latest offerings include an upgraded version of Xeon server chips – marking the chips’ second major update in less than a year. These chips are designed to propel INTC to the pinnacle of AI innovation by offering improved performance and memory capabilities with…

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