• Adobe No Flash in the Pan

    While Adobe’s Flash Player may be going the way of the Dodo the company is successfully migrating to the cloud and evolving into a faster growing and more profitable software design firm.    The fact is that Web technologies like Flash are no longer what Adobe is about. Adobe is now about its Creative Cloud, […]

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  • F5 Ready to Dive

    Like many industries, network management providers are under intense competition as businesses shift to the cloud and firms like F5 Networks (FFIV) are struggling to maintain their prior growth trajectory.

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  • Dark Outlook for Solar City

    Shares of companies operating in the solar industry have been much like the star from which they draw power – a hot topic with a bright future, but with volatile flares and filled with black spots. And with the possibility it might just implode on itself and go dark. Recent activity in the solar industry, […]

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