• Profit & Probability – Part 3

    Getting into the Hall of Fame is all about consistency and longevity. How to stack the odds in your favor for a high probability of success using income generating credit spreads. In the first part of this series we looked out how to properly measure risk and return for before even stepping in the batter’s box. […]

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  • Adding an Income in Oil Trade

    On Monday, we took a timely dip into a bullish position in oil through a diagonal calendar spread in the SPDR Energy Select (XLE) exchange traded fund. Shares of the Energy ETF jumped some 3% on Tuesday to $80 per share pushing the value of our spread position fully in-the-money and its value from $2.75 to $3.50 in a single day.

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  • Google Earnings Play

    Making trades based on an earnings report poses several challenges but can deliver big rewards as the reports tend to cause large price moves. One not only needs to accurately predict what the company’s actual results will be but how these stack up to analyst estimates.

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