The 3 Best Stocks to Buy in May

The 3 Best Stocks to Buy in May

Posted On May 4, 2020 12:12 pm

May will surely be an interesting month for stocks. Scores of bellwether companies are scheduled to release first-quarter earnings results in the coming days, which should give us the first detailed assessment of the economic damage caused by the coronavirus. What’s more, numerous states plan to ease their lockdown measures over the course of May. How the market will react to either of these issues is anyone’s guess at this point.

Should investors stay on the sidelines, favor defensively oriented asset classes, or swing for the fences on beaten-down growth stocks during this highly uncertain period? While there is no clear-cut answer to this burning question, one smart way to ride out this unprecedented market environment is to buy a basket of stocks that offer a compelling mix of deep value, reliable income, and above-average upside potential. Here are snapshots of three top stocks that tick these all-important boxes.

A high-yield Dividend Aristocrat

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